About us

Forestry innovation & development

IDAF is the Center for applied research in forestry development. We are a private company, which was born as a technology based company supported by Córdoba University. We orientate our technical experience and research results to Forestry development. IDAF emerged in 2007 as a Spin-off from the Forestry department of Cordoba University.

Since these origins, we started working in international projects for Forestry & Agronomic development, collaborating with other partners and institutions, acting as a link between research world and practical application of real solutions.

The main objective of IDAF is to transfer scientific and technical knowledge generated by research and academic centers towards the forestry sector whether public or private, from small initiatives to large companies.

IDAF ensures that knowledge transfer is targeted and achieved, reaching society with positive impacts on social and economic development while protecting the environment.


The overall activity of the company is approached from four different work areas: international cooperation, applied research, advanced consulting and specialized training.

Mission and values

Our purpose is to apply forestry innovation to solve real problems and promote sustainable development.

Our principles and values ​​are: honesty, environmental responsibility, diffusion of technological innovation and contribution to sustainable development. These values are achieved through teamwork and the pursuit of excellence.

IDAF intends to make a constructive innovation process between social agencies requiring technological solutions and the improvement of their competitiveness, jointly with those whose mission is generating relevant knowledge to society.

Since its inception, IDAF has oriented a significant portion of their technology transfer business to developing countries, where the operation of knowledge generation-transfer system is very limited.

Innovation is shaped as a basic mainstay for development  in any sector, specially within forestry.

Innovation in forestry sector is particularly relevant given its importance to social, environmental and economic level.

Corporate social responsability

IDAF aims to be useful to society incorporating new technologies, products and services that work together towards sustainable development and the modernization of the forestry sector.

We work according to the principles of business ethics promoting the active participation of our employees in the decision making processes of the company, reaching an appropriate balance between work and personal life.

We strive to participate in projects that aim to promote improvement in working conditions and within the labor market in developing countries.

We are committed to the pursuit of energy efficiency, climate change adaptation and mitigation and participatory development of local communities in forestry projects.



IDAF has a multidisciplinary, motivated and enthusiastic technical team, identified and committed to the goals and values ​​of the company.

Our staff is composed by professionals and researchers of different degrees, mainly forest engineers, biologists and IT engineers.

We have a presence in those countries where we develop projects of development cooperation and technology transfer. We currently have expatriates residing in Angola, Mozambique, Lebanon and Morocco.


  • ERSAF Research Group “Assessment and Restoration of Agricultural and Forestry systems”
  • TREESATLAB laboratory “GIS and Remote Sensing”Laboratory for research methods in forest ecosystem analysis based on remote sensing and geospatial data
  • DENDRODATLAB laboratory “Applied dendrochronology
  • e-LearningForest
  • IFER: Institute of Forest Ecosystem Research, Ltd. (IFER) is an independent institute devoted to forest research and its application. It was established in 1994. Since then IFER elaborated more than hundred research projects carried out either on its own or in collaboration with a wide range of local and foreign research partners and clients

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