Advanced Forestry Consulting

The forestry sector worldwide lacks of adequate investment in technology and innovation, which limits their competitiveness and efficiency. This issue shows particular relevance within the current climate change scenarios and heavy dependence on natural resources by the world population.

In 2012 IDAF create its Forestry Consulting Area, whose goal is the direct application of the results of research in forestry projects nationally and internationally.

The enhancement of the knowledge generated by academic and research institutions is a necessity for companies inside the sector, while it is an obligation in order to guarantee the optimization of efforts and investments in R & D.

IDAF offers a wide range of advanced forestry consulting services and technical assistance at the national and international levels. Our main customers are companies working in forestry services and consulting areas, as well as public and private institutions.

Consulting services:
Precision forestry
Sustainable forest management
Remote sensing and geomatics

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