What is Field-Map?

Field-Map is a comprehensive software and hardware technology for effective computer aided field data collection and subsequent data processing. Field-Map product line combines the flexible real-time GIS software Field-Map with electronic equipment for mapping and dendrometric measurement.

Field-Map Stem Analyst is a software tool used for:

■ Defining parameters for global stem curve model

■ Defining assortments on the inventory plot


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Field-Map software


Field-Map software bundle is divided into two main parts, Project Manager and Data Collector:

  • Field-Map Project Manager: Design your project on desktop PC using user-friendly interface with no need of programming skills
  • Field-Map Data Collector: Map, measure and describe field attributes with support of pen based tablet computer.

For data analysis there is Field-Map Inventory Analyst and Field-Map Stem Analyst.

  • Field-Map Inventory Analyst: Analyze your data, use advanced statistical processing tools and produce instant PDF tables and graphs.
  • Field-Map Stem Analyst: Calculate volume of standing trees and even assortments on the base of direct measurements.

Field-Map hardware

For field measurement you can select from variety of hardware sets. The following hardware sets can be used for standing volume assortment:

Complete set on tripod: it is used for stem profile measurement. Stem profile measurement is performed if general existing models of stem profiles cannot be used. Field-Map enables to develop new stem models that can better characterize the stem shape of given species in given area.

Lightweight hardware set contains only ultra-mobile rugged PC, lightweight laser rangefinder and caliper (or tape) for diameter measurement. This set is used for measurement of homogeneous sections on sample trees. Work with this set is very fast and effective.


– To increase the accuracy of the stem profile measurement the equipment can be placed on a tripod or monopod

– Lightweight technology used for assortments measurement on standing trees


Output of the data analysis and advantages

  • The parameters for global stem curve model are defined based on measured stem profiles. One can measure sections of felled trees or use the so called six point method on standing trees.
  • Global stem curve model for individual species or species groups
  • Model statistics
  • Charts showing diameter and volume residuals of the model
  • Profiles of individual sample stems
  • Stem volume calculation
  • Definition of assortments, dimensions, quality, financial value – so called flexible assortments
  • Definition of assortments scenarios, preference of certain assortments, allowed damage classes and decay degrees, etc.
  • Calculation of assortments broken down by volume classes
  • Selection of global stem curve model