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Precision forestry

  • FIELD MAP sole distributor in Spain (
  • Forest inventories 2.0 – High accuracy and low cost
  • Analysis and acquisition of Lidar data (Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging) from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)
  • Accurate evaluation of forest resources (wood, biomass, cork)
  • Optimization, planning and cost reduction in timber and biomass exploitation
  • Sensor systems in forest/plantations and real-time monitoring
  • Design of intelligent forest management systems (Smart systems)
  • Technology for low cost and accurate characterization of wood and biomass samples
  • Design of forest management strategies under future projections for mitigation of climate change impacts


Sustainable forest managementcorerafaencinacarbono

  • Management of forest estate and biomass plantations
  • Natural resources management projects
  • Restoration of degraded areas
  • Diagnosing plant health of forests and plantations
  • Advice and implementation of Sustainable Forest Management Systems
  • Assessment of CO2 fixation and carbon sinks
  • Design and technical direction of forestry projects: Reforestations, silvicultural treatments, forest and hydrological restoration of watersheds, habitat regeneration and diversification, etc.
  • Design and evaluation of Community Forestry programs

Remote sensing and geomatics

  • Development of GIS applications
  • Advanced mapping of natural resources and geodatabases
  • Species potentiality projections under different climate change scenarios with BIOMOD2 technology – Forest vulnerability analysis
  • Cartography on evolution of pests, diseases and forest fire
  • Development of Web Mapping platforms
  • Advanced analysis and geoprocessing of satellite imagery
  • Development of algorithms based on spectral data oriented land management



  • Training for companies, institutions and forestry trainers
  • Online training for professionals and students
  • Design of customized “in company” training programs
  • Design, programming and management of virtual training platforms

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